Who We are

Innovar is a specialised IP development company focused on innovation and plant variety rights in horticulture. We work directly with breeders, growers and marketers worldwide.

The Genesis of Innovar

Innovar was formed in 2014 during one of the first waves of major agtech investment in varietal IP in horticulture.

The company evolved within Australasian fresh produce group Freshmax. Itself a pioneering company, Freshmax understood the need for continual innovation in a heavily commoditised space.

As demand for food and arable land continues to increase the need for greater production efficiencies becomes vital in solving sustainability in global food supply chains.

At Innovar we see that access to proprietary varieties and technologies offers long-term value to stakeholders up and down the supply chain.

Most importantly, we’re passionate about what we do and the people we work with.

Our Team

Our core team – based in Australia, New Zealand and North America – have worked together for over a decade.

CEO Innovar


Simon has over 15 years experience in commercial horticultural IP development. He has been instrumental in the establishment of Innovar and it’s expansion into international markets over the last decade.

New Varieties Manager


With over three decades in horticulture, Rene is a highly experienced agronomist with a keen understanding of the development of new genetics across our core categories.

IP Services Manager


Tania joined Innovar in 2017. With a background in law and process management Tania oversees licensing, trademarking and protective services for the group.

Group CEO


Group CFO


A Part of the Freshmax Group

Freshmax is one of the largest vertically integrated fresh produce marketers in the Asia Pacific region.

Freshmax is one of the largest vertically-integrated fresh produce marketers in the Asia Pacific region.

Founded in New Zealand in 1997, the Freshmax
Group is an internationally-focused distributor with regional offices on five continents.

Freshmax began investing in new varieties over a decade ago and now sits as one of the leaders in IP development in Australasia. Freshmax was a founding stakeholder in Nu Leaf IP and formed Innovar shortly thereafter as a vehicle to drive varietal and technical innovation.

For its part, Innovar has played an integral role in the development of many of the Group’s core categories.

Today Innovar benefits from close working relationships with Freshmax and Valley Fresh teams in Australia, New Zealand, across the Americas and Asia.