Categories & Varieties

We focus our expertise on a small number of dynamic and growing categories. Innovar’s portfolio includes some of the world’s leading plant variety genetics and brands.

Focused on Dynamic Categories

Over almost two decades of exploration and practice, Innovar has refined its expertise and narrowed its focus to a handful of critical categories.

The fresh food sector is vast, highly commoditised and features a fragmented supply chain. This creates opportunity and, quite frankly, means we are constantly challenged in what we do.

Given this complexity we have narrowed our scope to better serve our partners in ‘core categories’ – areas where we see significant value and growth potential.

Proprietary varietals and technology – what we call “IP” are constantly creating new barriers to entry and redefining competitive advantage in fresh food. Access to varietal IP, new production technologies and IP-led brand trademarks will be major drivers of yield, pricing and demand dynamics in horticulture’s largest categories in the coming decades.

Worldwide Partners & Brands

We proudly work with some of the world’s best breeding programs, cultivars and horticultural brands.