Freshmax ready to play Piqa™ Boo™

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Prevar® Limited has signed an agreement with the Australasian company Freshmax Pty Ltd for the new Piqa™ Boo™ brand pear to be grown in Australia.

The new cultivar with denomination “PremP009”, branded as Piqa™ Boo™ and bred by Plant & Food Research, combines characteristics from European, Japanese and Chinese pears. This gives the fruit a crisp, juicy texture and refreshing flavour, as well as exceptional storage and shelf life.

Piqa™ Boo™ is the first of a new range of unique interspecific pears from the Plant & Food Research breeding programme to be globally marketed under the PIQA® family trademark. Each new fruit, bred to combine key characteristics from both European and Asian pears, will use an additional suffix brand name for each cultivar in the Piqa™ brand family.

CEO of the Freshmax Group, Ross Kane, states, “We believe there are excellent commercial opportunities for these new fruits in Australia and in Asian export markets, and are excited for their future. The pear fruit category is in need of rejuvenation and these new Piqa™ brand fruit selections will be a significant catalyst for this. The Piqa™ Boo™ brand cultivar is visually striking in both colour and shape and has a very appealing crisp texture and flavour, resulting in a very broad appeal to consumers.”

The Piqa™ Boo™ brand fruit has a short pyriform shape, bright block red colour and small brown lenticels. It also has exceptional storage and shelf life with the same ready-to-eat convenience of apples. A characteristic “Williams pear” flavour develops in fruit during cold storage.

“These fruits should also be well received by younger consumers,” says Andrew Maughan, National Business Manager for Freshmax Australia (a subsidiary of Freshmax Pty Ltd) and the licence manager for Freshmax. “We have already assembled a very committed and entrepreneurial group of pear growers to commence the planting of this selection. Anyone else who wishes to participate in Australia should contact me,” says Andrew.

“Prevar is very pleased with the business vision that the Freshmax Group has for this new and exciting cultivar,” says Brett Ennis, Chief Executive of Prevar. “The essential brand message for PIQA® fruit is “delightfully exotic”, which captures the best elements of western and eastern pears fused together in this new range of fruits. We look forward to the range of opportunities this new brand will create.”

Prevar Ltd is the company established to globally commercialise the new apple and pear cultivars emanating from the Plant & Food Research breeding programme. The Freshmax Group is a large fruit marketing and distribution company that supplies major Australasian and global retailers with a wide range of locally-grown and imported fresh fruits.