Innovar announce exclusive strawberry IP deal

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CIV (Consorzio Italiano Vivaisti) appoints Freshmax as licensed partner for an exclusive strawberry IP licensing deal.

Freshmax has announced an exclusive strawberry IP licensing deal with CIV (Consorzio Italiano Vivaisti) a renowned European research and breeding program, based in Italy.

The arrangement will see Freshmax and its growers given access to import, trial, commercialise and market a portfolio of new CIV strawberries, a suite that includes the FlaviaPVR and FlaminiaPVR cultivars.

The deal is part of the Freshmax Group’s commitment to evolving the New Zealand berryfruit space, delivering greater long-range values to its growers, both in domestic and export markets, and providing a better experience for consumers. The group expects the varieties to be available to Freshmax’s New Zealand retail customers and global markets via Valley Fresh.

“This is an exciting opportunity and another step for us in a rapidly shifting category“, says Simon Gillett, GM of IP & Marketing at Freshmax. “Flavia and Flaminia are performing well in Europe and we’re looking forward to evaluating their impact in New Zealand. There is significant potential in this market and as a group we’re keenly focused on growing the berryfruit space”.

There is significant potential in this market and as a group we’re keenly focused on growing the berryfruit space.

Despite a favourable climate, New Zealand’s berryfruit sector remains fragmented and under-developed with a highly seasonal consumer offering. “With investment in better varieties and superior production technologies Freshmax sees that New Zealand’s berry offering is set to become more stable with rising export opportunities to Australia and Asia”, says Rene Hylkema, Freshmax NZ’s New Variety Manager.

The two primary cultivars – Flavia & Flaminia – are characterized by early maturity, intense sweetness with low acidity and long shelf life. They are highly resistant to powdery mildew and leaf and root diseases in general. Notably they are also suitable for tired soils. CIV has been actively breeding since 1984 and has focused its research on four key lines: low chill, high chill, everbearers and varieties suitable for industrial processing.

The Freshmax Group is an Australasian-based fresh produce marketer and distributor with primary offices in Australia and New Zealand and operations around the Pacific Rim run by international arm Valley Fresh. The Group has a growing presence in the New Zealand berryfruit sector managing retail programs via Freshmax’s domestic operations and export programs through Valley Fresh NZ. Furthermore BerryCo, a Valley Fresh joint venture, has exclusive rights to a suite of highly regarded MBO blueberry IP which includes Eureka™.